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100 Ghosts: The Terror

Cor blimey / god blind me (yeah, I know!) I’m a bit obsessed with the Terror, and the Erebus for that matter. A few weeks ago I wasn’t really aware of the (spoiler alert!) doomed Franklin expedition to find the Northwest passage (a route from Europe to the Pacific Ocean via the north of Canada), or the TV adaptation of the fictionalised account by Dan Simmons but I am really fascinated by polar exploration and the ends of the earth in general, so it was pretty much a shoo in for me from the start, unless it turned out to be rubbish. Which, happily, it wasn’t. Add into the mix a supernatural stalker of hugemongous proportions, an pretty covincing account of life onboard a Victorian gunboat (or in this case two of them) in the direst of straights and a a really quite large and consistently fantastic cast and I fell for this series hook line and sinker. I want to know everything about the real expedition, I want to know everything about Netsilik Inuit life, I want to read the novel, and I can’t WAIT for the sequel. The only slight niggle I had was that the crew members, firmly wedged in ice and experiencing outside temperatures of upward (downward?) of minus 70 odd degrees which ever it is in the depths of a polar Winter rarely looked cold enough. But it didn’t really matter. They did look pretty cold, especially when bits of them were dropping off with frostbite. It goes without saying that I cannot recommend this series highly enough, it’s on iPlayer for the next 11 months. I struggled with this picture and it’s taken me much longer than it looks like it has, taking in pencil, ink and watercolour sketches along the way, but the best thing about it was having the excuse to watch bits of the series again as I trawled for reference stills. And it is definitely one of those series that you will want to watch again immediately - there is, as my 15 year old son pointed out, very little exposition and lots of tiny details that have more significance than you initially realise.

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