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100 Ghosts: The Cage, St Osyth

The last owner of this delightfully named house near Clacton on Sea in Essex claimed she was unable to sell it for years due to its less than living residents. The house was eventually let but the tenants never stayed more than a few months, allegedly driven out by the ghosts. Another previous resident hanged himself. Its rather horrible name comes from its history as a prison, most notoriously used to hold a woman named Ursula Kemp, eventually hanged in 1582 as a witch (see also ‘an unmarried woman with a mind of her own, some cats and a knack with herbs’.) Her skeleton is thought to have been discovered in a nearby garden. Amongst its other spectral residents are a wrinkly old man and a bloke wearing chinos. The house was finally sold earlier this year, after being marketed as ‘the most haunted house in Britain’ (I know! Another one!) From a drawing perspective, I found it really hard to make this one interesting enough. The house, though quite pretty, is also quite simple and I couldn’t get the drawing to do much beyond blocky and cartoony… it’s all bit Scooby Doo but I suppose there’s nothing wrong with that in it’s place and eventually I just went with it.

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